WW2 Rations in the Little City // Week 5

Hello all,

I hope you’ve been having a good week, so I didn’t put a list up last week as there was no point, we didn’t go shopping again as the back account wouldn’t allow it, and I thought that no one wants to just see a random menu plan.

Now can you believe we are in Week 5, super glad we’ve gone past the first 4 weeks and quite surprisingly, I didn’t really go into this shop with a shopping list, normally that means I would have spent over £70 and really would of had anything to show for it, super happy to keep our spending to below the £35 I’ve picked for myself and pick up items we needed.

So above is my receipt, saves me writing it out. As always below is the rations we are working to.

Butter: 4oz – (bought for this week and next)
Bacon or ham: 8oz (not bought)
Margarine: 8oz (bought for two weeks)
Cooking fat/lard: 4oz (bought for a long long time! 7 weeks to go till it’s “paid” off)
Sugar: 16oz (not bought)
Meat: Approximately £6 (quorn was on offer, so bought lattices for Sunday Roast, £1.50 and the Tofu was on offer to, from £3 to 75p so couldn’t help get two for my lunches. Total spent £3)
Milk: 6 pints (we get this each week)
Cheese: 16oz (ek, went a bit overboard here, AGAIN, wow us and cheese hey, anyho, 16oz was bought for micheals cheese slices and then another 19oz over that for adding to the pantry. This will mean no cheese next week and 3 oz off the week afterwards. Really going to have to start writing this down, so I remember!)
Eggs: 24 per 4 week period (not bought)
Tea: 4oz (not bought)
Jam: 2lbs every two months. (Not bought)
Sweets & Chocolate: 24oz every four weeks (have enough still in stock)

Turning towards the points available for this 4 week block, you’ll remember that the last time I did a post, Michael had bought a lot of cereal and I wanted to make sure that it was correctly managed.

So I am starting on 24 points of which, I bought my own cereal at a cost of 7 points, this leaves us with 17 point for the next 3 weeks, will have to be very careful on what we buy so we don’t go over the points, again.

Now you will see three items in the photo and shopping list which are very much not ration friendly, first a birthday cake. This was bought because it was reduced from £14 odd to £3 odd, and I really couldn’t pass it up

Secondly is the crisps which were bought as a treat for my weekend of agility training. Crisps were not rationed during the war, as potatoes were home grown, but I do think they would have been a complete treat and not bought often, so I am allowing myself the treat but obviously won’t be allowed any more crisps till the next 4 week period is up if I want any.

Thirdly is the chips, ek, sooooo my sister normally buys the chips for our pizza Saturday. I would be more than happy to use our potatoes and go from there but a compromise needs to be done as we all have Pizza Saturday. As such and due to these being quite expensive I bought them this week.

Now onto the exciting part, our Menu plan for this coming week,

Breakfast – Having cereal with the other half this week, will be also having a banana on mine.

Lunches – The historic cheese sandwich for the other half and for myself something of a Buddha bowl type thing. Rice with the tofu and vegetables, with an apple or orange on the side.


Wednesday – jacket spud with a filling, unsure on what yet

Thursday – bought pastry this week to have a go at homity pie

Friday – Meatballs, mash, gravy and veg

Saturday – Pizza Saturday, we’ve got pizza dough waiting in the freezer (our last batch make 3 weeks worth of pizza! So we’ll worth it)

Sunday – Roast with the quorn lattices. Thinking of making a cauliflower cheese for myself so I can have a bit in the roast and then the leftover for lunch on Monday

Monday – Sandwiches

Tuesday – Slow cooker meal

Snacks – we made a lovely flapjack so currently eating that as a sweet treat with lunch, apart from that it’s fruit to snack on and also the cake we bought will make a few puddings.

Right this it for now, I think




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